Discretionary Compensation Awards and Pay Upon Appointment

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DCA/PUA Information Page

Below you will find links to tables containing information on both the discretionary compensation awards (DCAs) and pay upon appointment (PUA). They are broken down by fiscal year since FY01 (July 1 - June 30).
The so-called DCA advisory committee has no authority to do or say anything about DCAs. There have been instances in some State Agencies where all FOUR members of that committee (two management, two Union) have "advised" against a DCA and it has been awarded anyway.
The Union remains involved in these committees to stay in touch with the process and retain access to the approval documents.
DCA/PUA Reports
Fiscal Year 2007
Fiscal Year 2006
Fiscal Year 2005
Fiscal Year 2004
Fiscal Year 2003
Fiscal Year 2002
Fiscal Year 2001
If you have any questions about the process or you would like to see the DCA/PUA awards for your specific agency only, please contact your HR department. Currently we only see those DCAs that are awarded. No one knows what happens to the DCAs that are turned down (but we're working on that at the bargaining table for each contract).
With the implementation of broadbanding, it became easier for the State to hire employees over a range of salaries. For most of the Science Professionals, the State will hire at the current starting salary ranges. However, many starting salaries are subject to negotiation. In addition salaries can be negotiated (up or down) when a transfer occurs.
If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact your district representative or your agency HR department.