Why Join WSP?

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Although all new employees within the Professional Science bargaining units at the UWHCA and in State service must pay representation fees that defray the cost of negotiating and administering our contract, much more can be gained by becoming a full-fledged Member of WSP.

  • First, by joining WSP you send the important message that you support the collective bargaining process and the positions taken by WSP on your behalf. This is a message that greatly insreases the chances for success at the bargaining table since the employer (the Office of State Employment Relations [OSER], the the state's representative in contract negotiations, or the UWHCA) understands that the more Members the Union has, the more seriously it must consider WSP's bargaining proposals as well as the effects of its own.

  • Second, by joining WSP you gain the right to participate in the democratic processes of the Union. This includes electing members of the Representative Council (the Rep Council) and voting on collective bargaining agreements. Active participation greatly increases the chances that the Union's priorities and positions will more closely match your personal needs and concerns. Your voice counts in WSP because you ARE the Union!

  • Third, by joining WSP you have access to a wide array of benefits and services that give union membership added value.

These include:

  • GROUP INSURANCE: Discount rates on optional insurance plans for life, dental, disability, catastrophic major medical and more.

  • LEGAL PROGRAM: Free 30-minute legal consultation and document review on personal matters, plus discount rates with program-approved attorneys.

  • UNION BENEFITS: Member offers, discounts, and programs provided by our affiliates. 

  • Fourth, You pay no additional dues if you are in Maintenance of Membership (Hired after 1989)

  • To Become a Member! Click here for membership application form.

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